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ENG 300 Introduction to the English Major - Hines - Fall 2017: Home

Getting Started

This guide links to resources to support the third and  fourth paper assignments in Dr. Hines Fall 2017 ENG 300 course. Focusing on Toni Morrison's Beloved, this guide will direct you to literary research sources that will help you accomplish the research for your paper.


The Assignment:

1)    Find and read at least two critical articles on the novel. With help from the critical terms and/or approaches described in Culler’s Literary Theory, summarize the approaches represented by your articles (e.g. do they pay attention to poetics in Beloved? If so, how? Are they approaching the text from a narratological standpoint? Where and how? What implicit definition of “literature” are they using?).


Two critical articles on the novel: sources for these articles could include chapters in books or articles published in literary journals.  See the Articles  & book  chapters tab for the search techniques and databases that will help.

Critical terms or approaches: in addition to your Culler's text, the Libray's collection includes many encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference works that can help you  get up to speed quickly on literary terms or critical approaches.

. . . . . .

6)    Be sure to include a bibliography, using MLA guidelines.

See the MLA style  page for resources to help format your paper and citations list.

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