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BA 306U Essentials of Finance (Business Minor): Company Financials

Company Financials

For US public companies: use any of the methods below 

Go to the company website and click on the Investors or Investor Relations. Or...

Search the EDGAR system on SEC.GOV: enter company name or ticker, then type in 10-K under Filing Type on the results page. Or...

Google: [company name] 10-K [year]. 

** While the term "annual report" is often used to describe either a 10-K or an Annual Report to Shareholders (ARS), there is a difference.

For US private companies: you will need personal access (e.g., if you know the owner). Detailed financials are usually unavailable to the public (and hence, the library) as private companies are not obligated to disclose such info.

Earnings Conference Calls - Transcripts

Earnings Conference Calls may provide insight on company strategies and responses to issues. Transcripts may be available on the company website (usu. under Investors/Investor Relations). Additional resources for transcripts:

Company Databases

These databases may include financials on public companies and analyst reports. You don't need to use them for your Term Project but they are listed here for your reference: