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CFS 493 Professional Development: Keep up with New Research

Push Notifications

It can be difficult to keep up with all the new information that might be relevant to us. One way to make it easier is using "push notifications". These are simply tools that send you information on an ongoing basis after you have subscribed to them.

By setting up alerts you don't have to remember to check if a journal has published a new issue, you will be notified (almost always via email). You can also use search alerts to find if there are any new articles that match your search terms. 

Activity: Create a Google Scholar Alert

How do I get access to journal articles?

There are three primary ways professionals get access to journal articles:

1. Membership in a professional association (individual or through the workplace)

2. Via their library

  • when enrolled in school, their university library
  • when no longer in school, their public library

3. Via open access journals. These journals have a different funding model that allows anyone to have full access the journals' articles.