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Conflict Resolution: Find Books

Finding books at PSU and beyond

There are a few different ways to find books using the PSU Library Catalog. You can type in a few words in the search box below and expect to find at least some results. The search results are color coded to let you know the status of a book.  A green dot indicates that the book is available locally, a yellow dot indicates that at least one Summit library holds the book and it may be availble to you in 3-5 days.  A gray dot indicates that the book is currently unavailable.  Use the "Find and Request" tab to place a hold on our copy or submit a request via Summit.  If PSU Library does not own the book and it is not available through Summit, you can order the book through Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery.

Using subject headings to find books

Subject headings allow you to search library catalogs for materials on a particular topic. Often subject heading searching can be more productive than searching by simple keywords. Listed here are some subject headings relevant to CR. To search subject headings, use the advanced search function of the PSU Library Catalog. Choose in subject rather than Any next to the search box. 

Some subject headings relate to the resolution of conflict: 
Conflict management 
Crisis management 
Dispute resolution 
Family mediation 
Interpersonal conflict 
Intervention (international law) 
Pacific settlement of international disputes 
Restorative justice
Social justice 
Violence prevention
Or you may want to approach the topic from the angle of the conflict that needs to be resolved: 

Boundary disputes 
Conflict of generations 
Culture conflict 
Ethnic conflict 
Interpersonal disputes 
Marital conflict 
Social Conflict