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Library Services for Fall Term 2020

front of the library buildingFor fall term, the circulation desk and the first floor computer lab are open. Print materials, equipment, and other items can be picked up at the circulation desk or delivered to your home address. All other services are online only.

Please visit Library Services - Fall 2020 for more information.

In this Guide

Develop your Question: Get background information and construct an "answerable question" 

Search Strategies: Where to search, keyword vs. subject headings, reference and citation searching

Search Article Databases

How to Get Full Text of Article

Methods: Valuable reference resources on quantitative and qualitative research methods

Citations & Info Organization: APA formatting and style; citation managers

Resources other than Articles

This guide is focused on finding research articles published in scholarly journals. This type of publication is often considered the most valuable, especially in relation to effectiveness and evaluation studies. That said, other types of publications can be helpful too, such as: 

  • book chapters
  • government reports
  • advocacy/agency reports

The primary means of finding these other sources are the Library catalog, USA.gov search, and Google.  

Just be sure to critically evaluate your sources! Is the author or the organization reputable? Does the publication cite references to other research? 

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