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Read This First

Simmons Insights is the new consumer intelligence and discovery platform that replaces the Simmons OneView platform. While OneView will continue to function through August, 2019, we encourage users to become familiar with Insights as soon as possible. Insights includes Dictionary Search, which looks and works just like OneView but with several improvements. 

Accessing Simmons Insights & Studies Available

Simmons Insights provides different "studies" with different datasets: 

  • NHCS Adult Study: demographics, purchase behaviors, lifestyles, psychographics (attitudes, perceptions, preferences, etc.), and media usage for US adult (18+) consumers.
  • Simmons Connect: all NHCS data plus additional data on consumer digital behaviors (e.g., smartphone, tablet, and computer usage). 
  • SimmonsLocal (Portland, OR): demographics, purchase behaviors, lifestyles, psychographics (attitudes, perceptions, preferences, etc.), and media usage for consumers in the Portland, OR area. 

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