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What is Simmons OneView?

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Simmons OneView contains the results of the Simmons Survey of Media and Markets, which collects data on the products consumers buy, the brands they prefer, as well as their lifestyles, attitudes and media preferences. Data are based on US adult consumers.

Use the Simmons database to identify your target market and their demographic characteristics, such as age, gender, income, education level, home ownership, and more. Simmons OneView answers the central question: "Who are more likely to buy (a product), prefer (a brand), or particpate in an activity (e.g., hiking)?"

Simmons has Lifestyle Statements data (also known as psychographics) that will tell you more about the attitudes and opinions of a  target group. For example, you can find out if your particular target agrees with statements such as "I think fast food is all junk," or "Conformity makes me uncomfortable."

Click on the Using Simmons OneView tab for short video tutorials and related documentations. For more information, click Resources on the top blue bar on the database homepage:

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This guide is based on the Simmons OneView & MRI guide by Sarah Burns Feyl at the Pace University Library. All videos and documents belong to Pace University.

Big thanks to Sarah for creating the content and generously sharing them with the rest of the academic community!

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