Database Tutorial: Portland Business Journal: Loggin In

Logging In


You need to sign in with a special login to view subscriber-only content (select articles and Books of Lists). The special login is in the special logins document. 

  • For users with PSU ID, sign in the special logins document with your PSU account (instead of a generic Google account) to view the login.
  • For users without PSU ID, PBJ can be accessed onsite (within PSU IP range, e.g., in the library building) but NOT remotely. Contact the library Reference Desk for login. We will log you in so you can access PBJ onsite, but can't share the login itself. 

Once you obtain the special login, click the database link above, click on the Sign In button on the upper right hand side of the landing page, click Sign In Existing Users, then enter the special login. 

 PBJ sign in button