INTL 349U Gender and International Development: Finding e-Books

Guide to the online course INTL 349: Gender and International Development.

Finding E-Books

 Having selected your general topic, it is good idea to move on to ebooks.
All ebooks accessed through the PSU Library catalog are accessible to PSU students.
For a detailed guide on using AND/OR/NOT commands in our catalog, see the Search Techniques guide.

Using the PSU Library Catalog

1) Begin at the Library Catalog by typing your key search terms. Place AND between the main ideas.

2) Your search will probably yield MANY results. Under "resource type," limit your search to eBooks.

3) To further limit your results, note the date field. Limit the date to recent publications, such as 2009 to 2019, and select "refine."

4) This will significantly limit the results.

5) To narrow the search further, browse the terms in the "Topic" section.

6) Look for terms relating to your search and select them. Doing so will limit your results to ebook specifically about your topic. 

7) Having selected relevant "topics," your search should now be much easier to navigate.