UNST 233C - Global Perspectives Latin America: Nouwen: Find & Watch Movies

Latin American Movies

The following DVDs are available for check out from the PSU Library

The following movies are available for streaming from the PSU Library.  More information on streaming videos from Kanopy.

The following DVDs are available by request from Summit Libraries.  Please see the box below for information about requesting DVDs from Summit. 

Request DVDs Through Summit

Summit items take about 3-5 days to be delivered to PSU Library.  Please plan ahead!


Step 1:  Under "Find & Request" use the "sign in" link to log in with your ODIN username and password


Step 2:  Once you are logged in, choose "Request from Summit libraries (3-5 days)"

Step 3: Check your PSU email for an email notification alerting you that your item is ready to pick up from the 1st floor check out desk.