Discovery of Scholarly Open Access Content: Open Scholarship at Portland State University

Looking for access to scholarship without having to sign in? This guide provides pathways to finding scholarly open access content and highlights major initiatives with digital humanities and open scholarship

Local Platforms

High Use OA Journals

OA Journal Editors/Editorial Board Members on Campus

Open Access Editors & Editorial Board Members on Campus
Name Department Journal Title
Sule Balkan Engineering Technology & Management Teradata* (OA data platform)
Talya Bauer Management Personnel Assessment and Decisions
Anita Bright Education Journal of Multicultural Affairs
Heejun Chang Geography Climate (MDPI)
Kelly Clifton Civil & Environmental Engineering Journal of Transport & Land Use
Justin Courcelle Biology Frontiers in Genetics
Catherine de Rivera ESM Management of Biological Invasions
Jill Emery Library Collaborative Librarianship
Jay Gopalakrishnan Mathematics Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences
Kathi Inman Berens English Journal of Creative Writing Studies
Daniel Jaffee Sociology Journal of Fair Trade
Maura Kelly Sociology Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography
Sheila Martin Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies Metroscape
Rick Mikulski Library Journal of New Librarianship
Mary Oschwald Regional Research Institute Journal of Preventive Medicine And Care
Anna-Louise Reysenbach Biology Frontiers in Microbiology
James Strathman Urban Studies & Planning Journal of Public Transportation
Ephraim Suhir Mechanical & Materials Engineering Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics