INTL 407 Nationalism and Populism: Getting Started

Guide for INTL 407: Nationalism and Populism


This guide is designed to assist in finding resources for Nationalism and Populism.

For this class, you will need to collect various types of information:
*Academic scholarship, both Books and Articles.
*A thesis supported by course readings and secondary academic literature.
*Proper citation styles.

The scope, form, and content of each information type is different, and you will need to utilize a variety of resource types: Books, articles, reference materials, interviews, and media materials. The PSU Library provides access to each.
Explore each tab to find the various types of information required for your assignments.

Choosing Search Terms

When searching for books and articles, first identify the keywords you need. This can be tricky, but it is vital.
1) Begin by writing out your topic. As an example: "What is the role of nationalism in language education in Canada?"
2) Highlight the key terms: Education AND language AND nationalism AND Canada

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