INTL 390 Foundations of Global Studies: Country Backgrounds

A guide for INTL 390 Foundations of Global Studies

Finding General Country Information

Please note: These are scholarly reference resources that provide reputable and trustworthy background information. They are not, however, peer reviewed like journal articles or university press books. Please be aware these resource will not count as peer reviewed sources in your assignments.

Search for Subject Encyclopedias (PSU Only)

Finding Overviews in the Catalog

Reference books, such as encyclopedias, are books designed to provide general background information on a topic. While most academic books - called "monographs"  - are argumentative and organized around a thesis, reference works are meant to provide detailed, accurate, and short descriptions of themes or issues relating to a single large topic.  

Use the box above to find reference works on your topic.  Begin with your topic:

You may end up with many results. Use the search bar on the left to further narrow your search.

If you still have too many results, limit the "Date" field to recent publications. See if your topic is a "Subject." This will limit the results to reference books specifically on your topic:

In this case, limiting to subject: Japan brings up 29 interesting and relevant results: