UNST 233E Global Perspectives Europe - de Oliveira: Find Articles

Search the PSU Library Catalog for Articles

You can find a variety of articles using the PSU Library catalog.  To start your search, enter your keywords in the search box.  Then, from your results list, use the left side of the screen to filter by Source Type.  Consider what types of articles you will need such as newspaper articles or peer reviewed journals.  

Look for the Sign In link so that you can add relevant articles to your eShelf for easy access. Pertinent articles may include a Similar Articles tab where you will find six to eight articles like the one that you are interested in.

Recommended Databases for Scholarly and Newspaper Articles

Primary vs Secondary Sources Video (Vermont Tech, Hartness Library 2017)

Search Strategies

  • An asterisk (*) is a truncation symbol, meaning you can use it to search for different endings of a word.  For example, educat* will find educated, education, educational, etc. 
  • Only type a few words, not a whole sentence into the search box.  What are the most important words in your research question?
  • Combine synonyms with OR to get a more complete search.  For example, college OR university OR higher education.
  • Use quotation marks to link words together that form natural phrases.  For example, "higher education" and "climate change"

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