UNST 194 / 394 College Success - Zeisman-Pereyo: The C.R.A.P. Test

The C.R.A.P. Test in Action Video: Websites

This video demonstrates how you can use the C.R.A.P. test (Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose/Point of View) to evaluate websites.

The C.R.A.P Test in Action Videos: Articles

The C.R.A.P. Test

C.R.A.P. is short for

C.  Currency

R.  Reliability

A.  Authority

P.  Purpose/Point of View

Applying the C.R.A.P. Test is one way to evaluate the quality and value of a source (book, article, website, etc.) before you start writing. The quality of your final research project is related to the quality of the sources you use. Check out this useful handout on how to use the C.R.A.P. test for evaluating sources.