UNST 133c Work of Art - Millay: Treasure Troves - Winter Term

How to use these scholarly resources for background information

These scholarly eBooks include subject specific, scholarly encyclopedias and scholarly books about your Treasure Troves. By reading a broad entry from an encyclopedia or a chapter from a scholarly book, you will learn how scholars approach their areas of expertise from the viewpoint of their field of study. If you decide to independently search for more information on your topic., you will find significant keywords in these entries.

This approach to learning more about a subject will save you time. As current researchers, you are familiar with Wikipedia entries; however, these scholarly resources will take you to a new level of research expertise because these scholars/authors are contributing to the critical thinking and adding new knowledge on a given subject.  As you think and write about these ideas, you too are adding to the scholarly conversation.

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Early Italian Renaissance, Quattrocento