UNST 421 Grant Writing: Using the Foundation Directory

Video from the Foundation Center

This video (from other libraries) reviews  basic steps for searching the Foundation Directory Online.

Search Grantmakers

Searching for Grantmakers

If you are searching for grantmakers who fund in specific areas of the country, specific activities (such as seed money, continuing services, and program development), or specific areas of interest (such as animal welfare, transportation, child abuse and healthcare), click on the Search Grantmakers tab at the top of the Foundation Directory Online.

If you are only looking for grantmkers who accept applications, be sure to check the box at the bottom that says Exclude grantmakers not accepting applications.

There  a detailed Search Tips Guide from the Foundation Directory..

Information about Individual Grantmakers

Once you've searched under Search Grantmakers, you'll get a list of possible funders. When you click on one, you'll get a lot of detail about the organization. This page will give you an idea about how well the organization matches your needs. Click on Map Grants to see geographically where the bulk of their money has been given. Click on Chart Grants to see how much they've given organized by field of interest. That way, you can see if they give a lot of money to Oregon and if they give a lot of money to your specific field of interest. You can even see a sample of their recent grants and who the recipients were, and under the Search Grants tab, you can actually search to find the specific grants they've given in a certain topic area.

Using the Foundation Directory Online

During the Covid-19 pandemic, visit the Multnomah County Central Library and select the link: