PSY 317 Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment - Chenier: Where to Search for Resources

Understanding your Options

Different search tools have different scopes: 

Search Tool What You'll Find
Google Website content, mostly published by companies, news outlets, and individuals
Library Catalog Books, book chapter, and articles at Portland State Library and other libraries
Subject Encyclopedias Overview of a topic, often with good references to key articles and important researchers in the field
Scholarly Database (e.g. PsycINFO) Research articles, book chapters, and dissertations
Google Scholar Research articles, university website content, professional association content

When you're ready to search for research articles, the next thing to consider is "Who cares?" Research article databases are often organized around disciplines or research areas. For example:

Research Topic Key Database Additional Article Database
Bullying in school  PsycINFO ERIC (Education)
LGBTQ parents PsycINFO LGBT Life with Full Text 
Domestic violence prevention programs PsycINFO Social Services Abstracts (Social Work)
Substance abuse among adolescents PsycINFO PubMed (MEDLINE, health sciences)

Where Should I Search?