CHLA 450U: Latinos in Education: Developing your Research Question

Develop your search terms

For beginning your search for research articles, consider your research question and identify the key concepts or variables. Then brainstorm keywords and terms related to each concept.

Does racism influence police arrests

Racial profiling: racial profiling, racism, racial discrimination

Police: police, policing, law enforcement

Interactions: interactions, stops, arrests

Generating keywords and related terms will help you start your search. Also, explore subject headings (descriptors) and keywords for articles you find most useful.

Tips for Creating a Manageable and Successful Research Question

Tips for creating a manageable and successful research question:

  1. How questions are easier to work with than why questions
  2. Have 2-3 distinct concepts in your research question: For Example, How does teen pregnancy effect high school completion rates among undocumented female students? The bold is the 3 distinct concepts.
  3. Find the balance between using a very specific group or term, like Facebook, and a more general term, like “social media.”
  4. Create your research question after reading some background information about your topic more generally.

Refining your Topic Video