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Guide to Dr. Corbett's Public Policy: Origins and Processes

About Your Librarian

Dr. Rick Mikulski is an Assistant Professor at Portland State University, where he serves as the Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian. In addition to working with CUPA, he oversees PSU’s Federal Depository Library (roughly 850,000 items) and coordinates the Library’s Data Management Services. Prior to coming to PSU, he taught at Drew University (Madison, NJ) as a librarian and member of the History and Culture faculty. Before embarking upon an academic career, Rick was a member of the North Dakota Legislative Council, serving as the research librarian to the North Dakota State Legislature. Originally from Western New York, Rick is a graduate of the University at Buffalo (Ph.D. in History; MLS in Lib. Sci.) and his research interests are: history of higher education; access to government information; formations and structures of academic/scholarly networks. A recent CV can be found here.

Government Information and Social Sciences Librarian

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Rick Mikulski
Portland State University Library
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