COMM 487 - Propaganda: Polling, Legal & Statistical Resources

Library Services for Spring Term 2021

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The Library's 1st floor is open for students to pick up items at the circulation desk and use the computer lab (limited seating available).  Please visit Library Services - Spring 2021 for more information.  Laptops, wifi hotspots, and other equipment are available for checkout.


Statistical Sources

Congressional Quarterly Resources

Pro/Con Resources

Poll and Public Opinion Resources

Congressional Research Service Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) produces analytical reports on topics of interest to Congress, but does not maintain a public website with these reports.  Below are some free web sites that collect CRS reports:

  • Open CRS - A good searchable collection but often a significant delay in posting new reports.

(Based on the Dudley Knox Library of the Naval Postgraduate School's guide on Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports)