INTL 470: Global Leadership: Readings

Readings for INTL 470

Below please find links to assigned readings and films for this course.
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Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development By Mendenhall, M., Osland, J., Bird, A., Oddou, G., and Maznevski, M.

Culturally Mindful Communication: Essential Skills for Public and Nonprofit Managers By Masami Nishishiba

Leading Through the ‘I’ of the Storm [Please see D2L] by Sheila Ramsey & Barbara Schaetti

Profiles of Inclusive Leadership by Bird, Cartwright, & Mendenhall

Learning By Design: Connective Leadership by Cartwright, Harrington, Robinson, & Walsh

What is Global Leadership by Gundling, Hogan, Cvitkovich

Communicating Across Cultures [Please see D2L] by Stella Ting-Toomy

Having a Difficult Conversation with Someone from a Different Culture By Melissa Hahn & Andy Molinsky

Building Relationships in Cultures That Don’t Do Small Talk  By Melissa Hahn & Andy Molinsky

Learning the Language of Indirectness By Melissa Hahn & Andy Molinsky

Multicultural Workplace (film) WGBH Educational Foundation; producer/director, Jay Anania; assoc. producer/editor, Karen Silverstein; writer, Tom Friedman., MTI Film & Video

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You’re Not Learning Anything By Andy Molinsky.


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