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Guide to INTL 407: Senior Seminar in Climate and Society (2021)


This guide was created to assist you in INTL 407: Senior Seminar in Climate and Society (Spring 2021), for which you will draft a research paper and annotated bibliography of ten peer-reviewed sources. This guide covers:


Getting started and selecting a research topic

This guide is design to assign in finding peer-reviewed research materials, but first you need to select a topic. 
The best place to start is with course readings and discussions! If a topic of interest comes up in class, this is a chance to further explore the topic.
If you have only a vague notion of what you want to study for this course, that's fine too! Use our research databases to narrow your research focus.

1) Begin in one of our research databases. In this example, we will use the multi-disciplinary EBSCO suite of databases. Begin by searching your country of interest in the first search box, followed by "climate change" or "global warming" in the second. Be sure to label your country as a "subject." In my example, there are about 300 peer reviewed results.

In the results is a section labelled "subject"

 Under "Show More" you can see the subtopics within my search, which gives you an idea of what other researchers are discussing.

This approach also works in the library catalog:

Examining the options under "Topic" also provides insight into what other researchers are discussing.

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Assigned E-Books and Readings

See D2L for other assigned readings, videos, and podcasts.