Open Educational Resources  

Links to open access educational content including textbooks, learning objects and media. Also tools and resources to assist you in utilizing PSU Library licensed content (free to enrolled PSU students) in assignments and course design.
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Open Educational Resources Guide Contents

This guide has been developed to support PSU faculty interested in developing open access textbooks as part of the PDX Open ReTHINK challenge.  In keeping with the open access nature of this project, the resources listed here are for the most part in the publc domain or have been shared by their authors with Creative Commons permissions. 

  • Textbooks and Courses
    Links to online open access textbooks or online courses where curriculum, teaching materials, assessment materials are available.
  • Modules, Chapters, Learning Objects
    These resources provide links and search engines for locating individual units or single lesson plans or learning activities.
  • Video and Images
    Links to search engines for locating open access video and audio content.
  • Understanding Copyright
    Resources providing an overview of copyright law and its fair use provisions with respect to educational settings and allowable uses of copyrighted materials.
  • Creative Commons
    Creative Commons (CC) is a mechanism for communicating what rights an author is granting to others for use of their copyrighted works. These resources explain CC licensing and provide links to search engines which identify materials released under a CC license.
  • Public Domain
    Materials in the public domain are not owned by anyone and therefore can be used without infringing anyone's copyrights. Public domain resources and search engines listed here.