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Videos - For Education Faculty and Students: Education in Video Collection

Collection Overview

The Education in Video collection contains over 4,000 videos developed specifically for training teachers.

It covers areas such as curriculum, diversity, educational psychology, special education, teacher training, school administration and technology.

Videos range from pre-school to the post-secondary levels.

Searching in the Advanced Search option will allow you to craft an expert search and find relevant videos.

For more info on using this collection, view this 2 minute video.

How to Link to a Video

When you point students to content from our databases, it won't always work to simply cut and paste the url from your browser. This is because you logged in to access the content and so that url is dynamically generated. What you will need is a persistent and proxied link.

To locate the video's URL in this collection, click on the words "Embed Link" below the video,

Once you have the video's URL from the database, you'll need to add the PSU "proxy" URL, so that PSU students will be allowed to follow that link.

To generate a proxied URL, copy the URL video, then go to our Persistent Link page. Paste the video URL for the database into our "Make a Proxied URL" maker and hit "Create Link".

The new URL that is generated will contain the proxy information. You can now embed this link into just about anything - a webpage, D2L, or a PowerPoint presentation for example. Students with valid PSU accounts will be able to access it.

How to Segment A Video

The Education in Video collection allows you to not only link to a whole video, you can easily create a segment, or “clip”, and link to just that segment.

You will first need to set up an account, just click in the upper right on the words "Sign in".

Once you have an account you can login and create your own clips and store them in the video database.

This 2 minute video will show you how to create your own clips.

Once you’ve created a clip, you can link to it as referenced in the box above.

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