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Research Tips

Start with gathering background information for a broad overview, additional resources, and possible keywords for further research:

  • Check Encyclopedia of Earth (free open peer-reviewed online encyclopedia)
  • Check Reference Works listed in the Background Information tab
  • Check Wikipedia (don't cite it or use it as the only source) and follow up on the references mentioned. 

Find books, articles, and data to get more in-depth and/or current information:

  • Check the relevant tabs in the Related Guides listed on this page. 
  • Do your own search using the library catalog, databases, Google Scholar, and general Web search.

Make sure your topic is not overly broad (too much info) or overly narrow (not enough information). Try different keywords, observe the search results, and broaden/narrow accordingly. 

Literature Review

A Literature Review should...

  • Relate directly and clearly to your thesis or research question.
  • Synthesize and contextualize results, not just report them.
  • Identify areas of controversy in the literature.
  • Formulate questions that need further research.

Adapted from “The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting It”, by Dena Taylor and Margaret Procter, University of Toronto: (file linked below)

Related Guides

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