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ACTG 544 Professional Practices Seminar: Finding Articles

About the Guide

Welcome, ACTG 544 students! For the article search assignment, most of the articles you find may be freely available online. However, in case you come across an article that's behind a pay-wall (e.g., a subscriber-only article in Wall Street Journal), you can find out if this article is already freely available from the library by using the Library catalog (video below) or going through the library databases (links below).

If the article is not available from the PSU Library, you can even request the article through Interlibrary Loan at no cost to you.

To avoid copyright violations, when sharing the articles, it's best to link to them rather than uploading the PDF or copying and pasting the full text.

Searching for a Known Article: PSU Library Catalog

Library Article Databases

Ask a Librarian

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