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UNST 212a-002 American Studies - Bergland: About the Library

PSU Library Website Tour

Take a 2-minute tour of the PSU Library website!

Group Study Rooms, Presentation Rooms, and Family Study Room

The PSU Library has over 40 study rooms for your group and a Family Study Room:

  •  No renewals and the group must wait 30 minutes before checking out another room;
  •  A child must be present to check out the Family Study Room;
  •  For a large study room, at least 5 members of your group must be present at check out;
  •  Keys not returned on time accrue late charges; if lost, you may be billed for a new key.


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Ask a Librarian

PSU Library Hours

For regular hours, holidays, finals, and intersession hours, visit

Quiet Floors & Group Study Floors

The basement, 4th, and 5th floors of the PSU Library are designated Quiet Floors. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors are for group study and conversations.

My Library Accounts

Visit My Accounts to renew books, Cds, and DVDs. Access your Summit and Interlibrary Loan accounts.