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Find Dissertations & Masters Theses: PSU Dissertations & Theses

PSU Dissertations & Theses- Intro

PSU dissertations and theses can be found in a variety of databases. Are you looking for a thesis or a dissertation? Online or in print?

Here is a list of recommended databases. In the other boxes on this page are tips to help you optimize your search in each of these databases.

Looking for an online PSU dissertation or masters thesis? Try these databases:

Looking for a print copy of a PSU dissertation or thesis? Try:

About: Dissertations and Masters Theses Database

This database allows many search options beyond author, title, and subject. You can search by Department, School Name, Advisor Name, or Degree Type, etc. Simply restrict the field to be search as shown below:





You can also limit to just Dissertations or just Master Thesis below the search box.


About: PSU Catalog

You can find both online and print PSU dissertations in the PSU Catalog. You can limit your searches by subject, and also by degree. Common degree types are  M.A., M.S., M.F.A., M.S.W., M.U. S., Ph.D, or Ed.D.

Here is an example search looking for items only at Portland state, about the term assessment, and from the Education Doctoral program (ed.d).

Screenshot of search for Ed.D. Thesis search


Screenshot of Dissertations & Theses



After your initial search you'll want to filter it

with the words "Dissertations & Theses" - over to the left hand side.


Screenshot of Resource type facet

Next, should you want, you can limit to copies in print "Print Books",

or online "eBooks"


About: PDXScholar

You'll find many of PSU dissertations and theses digitized in PDXScholar. Not all of them are in yet, but you can see a list of departments included, and browse them, here by department.

You can also search for PSU online dissertations and theses in PDXScholar.

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