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SW 340 Advocacy for Policy Change: State/Local Laws & Regulations

Oregon Bills and Laws

Oregon Statutes and Rules

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORSs)

Statutes are laws passed by the legislature. The Office of the Legislative Counsel edits, publishes, sells and distributes the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

State agencies are authorized by the legislature to adopt administrative rules. The Oregon Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual defines "rule" to include "directives, standards, regulations or statements of general applicability that implement, interpret or prescribe law or policy or describe the agency's procedure or practice requirements."


Oregon Counties and Cities

County Codes and Regulations

County codes are available online for most Oregon Counties (but not all). Use the Oregon Blue Book to find county sites, then look for code. For other information, go to the department/agency working in your topic area: Child & Family Services, Health & Human Services, Juvenile Department, Disability & Aging, Veterans Services, Parole & Probation, etc.

City Codes and Regulations

Many cities now have their ordinances (or codes) on their websites, which you can often search through a table of chapters or sections. Use the Oregon Blue Book directory of city government websites to find municipal code and other important information about city municipal government.

Research Tip

Having trouble searching the website? Try searching Google with your keywords, and include the following: oregon 

For example: mandatory minimum sentences Oregon

This will retrieve results from Oregon agency and other government websites. 

Interested in Other States?

For bills and laws from other states, use Google or the search to find their legislative website. Open States also tracks recent bills across all states.