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Find and Use eBooks : Downloading and Printing

Keep in Mind...

  • Options for downloading and printing vary by eBook collection.
  • Some eBook collections require you to create a personalized account to print and/or download.
  • Some downloads are temporary (e.g., seven days).
  • Depending on the eBook, the amount of material available for downloading or printing may be limited (e.g., chapters only).
  • Mobile device access varies greatly by eBook collection.
  • Viewing eBooks on dedicated eBook readers can be problematic.

eBooks and Accessibility

JAWS (Job Access With Speech)

  • Compatible with Adobe Digital Editions
  • Compatible with web-based eBook viewers
  • Level of support can vary, depending on the ebook vendor and device used (e.g., desktop computer versus tablet)

Adobe Reader for PDF files 

  • Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from
  • Install and then open the PDF in the Adobe Reader
  • Select the View menu, then Read Out Loud to activate
  • Select View > Read Out Loud again to start playback.
  • To configure options such as voice, pitch, speed, open Edit > Preferences > Reading

NVDA Screen Reader

  • A free and highly configurable text-to-speech (screen reader) program. Download it free from


Downloading and Printing Videos