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UNST 321U - 001 Learning in Action - Bergland: Week 7: Understanding Historical Context of Change

Your Task

Your assignment says: 

  • Use the PSU Library Website to do some research on the history of social movements, policies, or populations related to your community partner. Find two good sources, such as journal articles, research reports, or book chapters. Take some notes.

From Question to Keyword

This one-minute video by Laidlaw College Library (2010) shows how to brainstorm for keywords about a research question.

Keyword Search

Search scholarly encyclopedias that are subject specific for the social sciences in Sage eReference! The entries are written and edited by scholars in the field or discipline. Use keywords like addiction treatment, or racism United States. When you are in the research process, be flexible and persistent.

Librarians are great resources when it comes to developing search strategies with keywords.

Find Background Information

Find Videos