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UNST 321U - 001 Learning in Action - Bergland: Week 5: Exploring Community Issues

Your task

Your assignment says:

  • Prompt: This week, spend some time exploring the PSU library for resources related to your critical inquiry question(s) identified earlier in the term. Summarize the source and reflect on and respond to the source. For instance, what did you learn from it, what questions did it raise for you, what did it remind you of, etc.?

Check out the research guides for your cluster. The subject librarians make these guides in order to 

From Question to Keyword

This one-minute video by Laidlaw College Library (2010) shows how to brainstorm for keywords about a research question.

Find Videos

Knowledge, Values, & Rationality Cluster

Leading Social Change Cluster

Interpreting the Past Cluster

Families & Society Cluster

Popular Culture Cluster