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WS 377U Feminist Spirituality - The Goddess - Fall 2017: Finding Journal Articles

Article Databases

While Google Scholar and PSU Library catalog are search engines that will identify journal articles, neither of them is comprehensive in the coverage of any discipline particularly in the humanities and social sciences.  Enter the disciplinary database as an important tool in identifying material on your topic. Use the Library list of databases grouped by subject to find a database that covers the discipline you want to find articles from.

Some recommended databases for womens studies and this assignment in particular.


Search for an Article Using Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar from the PSU Library, and enter the title of the article. If the Library has the article, there will be a link to the right, Find it @ PSU.

Find it @ PSU leads to the full text article in the PSU Library catalog.

If it is not available full text through Google Scholar, PSU Library could still hold the article in print. Search for the journal to see the Library's holdings. If the library does not hold the journal at all, request it from Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery.

screenshot of find it at PSU link in Google Scholar



screenshot of article access link in Library catalog

Get Full Text with Find It @ PSU

If the article citation does not include links to the full text, click on the Find it @ PSU  button to check availability. Find it @ PSU is the link to the full text (online or print), that leads  to the full text will appear under View Online. If it is not available, there will be an option to request the article from Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery.

Find it @ PSU button

The Peer Review Process Video

Link to video about peer review process

3 minute video on the peer review process, created by the North Carolina State University Libraries:

Library database search techniques

 Most library databases use similar logic for searching. 


AND   narrows a search by requiring both terms to be present

OR      broadens a search by allowing for either term to be present

( ) parenthesis for grouping keywords together  e.g. women and (spiritual or religious) brings back results in which the words women and spiritual appear and other results in which the words women and religious appear

*  truncation   e.g. spirit*  will retrieve spiritual, spiritually, spirits, spirituality, etc.

“phrases go in quotes”    the search engine retrieves those words next to each other and in exactly the order of the phrase within quotes e.g. “womens spirituality”