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PSY 317 Psychology of Adjustment: Encyclopedias


Reference works are an excellent first stop in your research and are incredibly useful for the following:

  • Getting an overview of a topic
  • Getting ideas for a paper topic or narrowing your topic
  • Brainstorming keywords for searching and learning the vocabulary used by authors in that area

You can browse or search for your topic in the encyclopedias below.

Remember to keep your topic keywords fairly general, like "divorce" "addiction treatment" or "bullying". If you enter more than a couple keywords the search will not work very well because encyclopedia entries cover broad topics. 

Sage Encyclopedia Search

Search for entries across encyclopedias in the Social Sciences. Subject coverage includes counseling, criminology, education, geography, health and social care, media and communication, politics science, psychology, and sociology. 


Sage Advanced Search

Encyclopedia Entry

From your list of search results, identify a relevant encyclopedia entry, also paying attention to the title of the encyclopedia -- this gives you context as to the lens the topic is view through. Click on the title (large black font) to access the full text of the entry. 

sage encyclopedia search result

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