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About this guide

This guide collects content for Library DIY. Content created in this guide is embedded in Library DIY pages.

The purpose of Library DIY content is to quickly answer questions that may come up as students are using the library, so that they can get back to their research. If a topic is very involved, we will point out to a research guide; if the topic is covered somewhere else on our website we will point to that page or embed the page content.

Do not change the H1 titles because they match the breadcrumbs. If you need to change the title, the breadcrumb needs to be changed in Drupal.

Secondary headings are H2

Where possible, use text and images. Use video sparingly and only as an additional thing that interested users can look at. We should be able to answer their question without a video.

Images should not be wider than 700px. When using images, be sure to upload the image to LibGuides rather than copying and pasting.