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WR 323 Writing as Critical Inquiry: Search for Articles

Resources and strategies to complete Research Sources Assignment.

Search the PSU Library Catalog for Articles

Start your search for scholarly articles at the PSU Library catalog by selecting the Resource Type, Articles or Newspaper Articles or Peer Reviewed Journals (just search one type of article at a time). Limit your search to the last five to ten years to see the most current research on your topic. Be sure to Sign In so that you can add relevant articles to your eShelf for easy access. Pertinent articles may include a Similar Articles tab where you will find six to eight articles like the one that you are interested in.

Search for Known Article Title in the PSU Library Catalog

Search the PSU Library Catalog for articles in selected databases. This screenshot of a journal article citation shows that you can access the article full text by selecting the green link, Online Access. Sign into the PSU Library catalog to access the article. Note that the article can be available in more than one database.

Image of Online Access link to an online article

image of databases for an online article in the catalog

When PSU Library does not hold the article, order from Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery

Request the article through Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery. When the article is available, you will be notified via your email. This process takes about two or three business days.

image of Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery link for an article

Ways to Approach Searching for Articles

To identify articles that you don't know exist, you will want to use a database.  Databases can be general, covering a wide variety of subject areas, or specific covering only one discipline or group of disciplines.  Library databases generally use Boolean logic and search the title, subject headings and abstract of an article.  Some databases search the full text of the articles that are included.

Is it peer reviewed?

This 2-minute video shows you a few different ways to check whether an article is peer-reviewed or refereed.