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ENG 500: Problems and Methods of Literary Study : Biography and Biographical reference sources

This guide links to resources that will be useful to you throughout your graduate work at PSU, but especially focuses on research to support the bibliography assignment in Dr Murpuri's 'Problems and Methods of Literary Study', Fall 2017.

Author Biography in the Library catalog

Use the library catalog to find book-length biographies of your author. Use the advanced search so that  you can focus your search to retrieve books that are more precisely on your topic.

In the advanced search, use the author's name as a SUBJECT and use the truncated keyword biograph* (this will pick up biography and biographical). Limit the scope to PSU Library or PSU & Summit Libraries. Use the left hand column filters to limit to ebooks and print books.

screen capture of fitzgerald and biography search in catalog

Here are the results of a catalog search on Fitzgerald as the subject and the truncated keyword biograph*.

Databases providing biographical content

photo of Fitzgerald