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ENG 500: Problems and Methods of Literary Study : Journal Articles & Scholarly Essays

This guide links to resources that will be useful to you throughout your graduate work at PSU, but especially focuses on research to support the bibliography assignment in Dr Murpuri's 'Problems and Methods of Literary Study', Fall 2017.

MLA Bibliography

The  MLA International Bibliography gets its own box on this page as it is the major resource for doing research in the literatures of all languages.

MLA International Bibliography
Provides citations to journal articles, dissertations, and books about world literature, literary criticism, language, linguistics, and folklore which have been published from 1921 to the present.

You can focus MLA searches by using the Primary Subject Work or Primary Subject Author fields. 

A non focused search would start by typing The Great Gatsby in the search box (note the large number of resulting citations: 807).

great gatsby search


Use the 'Select a Field' option to narrow the focus of your result set.


There are many fields in the MLA records, you will need to scroll down to choose Primary Subject Work or Primary Subject Author.


Notice how many fewer results (533) which will be more targeted on Gatsby.

gatsby mla search limited by primary subject work


Focusing MLA searches further

You can narrow your search results by a topic related to your work or author. Add a keyword in another search box to narrow your results. In this case you would retrieve only those records about The Great Gatsby where the word 'class' also occurs in the article title, subject headings, etc.

gatsby search with topical keyword

You can also use two other search techniques:

truncation  - use a symbol (the asterisk *) that tells the search engine to find that word root and any ending.  In this example the search engine will retrieve capital, capitalist, capitalism, etc.

OR - you can use a synonym for your concept and the search engine will retrieve records with either term. In this case 'class' or 'wealth' or some form of the root captialism.

gatsby with OR statement and truncation symbol


Videos of MLA Searches

Watch a video of a simple search in MLA Bibliography.

Watch a video showing you how to use MLA's Primary Subject Work filter.

Watch a video that combines searching for articles and chapters on a particular work with a keyword.

Other databases for finding articles