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Publish Your Article: Open Access Journals

Open Access

Many highly rated peer-reviewed journals are publishing online as open access journals. If a major factor in your publishing is to make your ideas freely and easily available as many people as possible then open access journal may be the ticket. Because the articles in these journals are available for anyone, regardless if they have a subscription to a journal, you can reach people who may not usually have access to research.

Authors' Rights

Another reason to publish in open access journals is that they often allow authors to retain some or all rights to their work. These rights include the ability to republish or repost your work, and to include your work on webpages or institutional repositories.

When accepting your article for publication most publishers’ require a Copyright Transfer Agreement. This agreement may limit your rights in regards to reusing your work, particularly what version of your article you can deposit in an Institutional Repository. Many publishers provide information for authors on their Web sites, including information on rights and permissions. If you ask, many publishers will give you an alternative form of their standard CTA, one which allows you to keep more of your copyrights!

Your author's agreement

Before publication, authors are required to sign an agreement with the publisher that outlines the terms of publication. The agreement outlines several important pieces of information, including:

  • Whether you retain copyright over your work, or whether copyright is assigned to the publisher;
  • Under what terms you are able to reuse your work, including reprinting the work in a compilation; and
  • Whether you are able to deposit your work in a digital repository and, if so, the types of repositories you are able to deposit your work in, and the version of your work you are allowed to deposit.

During the publication, peer-review and/or editing process, several versions of an article (or book chapter, or other piece of writing) are created. Understanding these terms is useful in determining what permissions you have for depositing your work in a digital repository.

  • A preprint is the author's version of the article that was sent to a journal for consideration. It does not reflect any of the edits or revisions made in the publication process.
  • A post-print is the author's version of an article that has been amended to reflect any revisions or edits made in the publication process. This is not the final version of the article, which would reflect copy editing, pagination and layout by the publisher. Publishers may refer to post-prints as "your version" of the article.
  • The publisher's version of an article is the final version as it appears in the publication, whether in print or online.
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The Portland State University institutional repository, PDXScholar, is a full-text searchable digital collection of the intellectual scholarship of the PSU students, faculty, and staff. The repository: 

  • Promotes scholarly communication through open access and increases citation impact of research
  • Offers permanent URLs to collections enabling users to access, share, and link to online research
  • Provides long term preservation of scholarly research through the assurance of future format conversions
  • Showcases PSU academic excellence to researchers, students, and fund granting institutions
By archiving a version of your work in PDXScholar you will make your work more accessible to more researchers, and potentially increase the impact of your work. To contribute please contact Karen Bjork, our PSU Digital Initiatives Coordinator, at or 725-5889.