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Publish Your Article: Find Journals in Your Field

Finding Journals in Which to Publish

One great way to discover journals in which to publish is to take a look at the bibliography of the article that you’re writing! Often you will find that several citations in your article come from the same journal, which might make your article a great fit for publication in that journal.

Another easy way to find like-minded publications is non-intuitive – but it works. Here’s how:

  • Think of the keywords that your article will be tagged with when it gets published. These would be the keywords that others would use to find your article while searching in a database.  For example, your article may be about best practices to use in teaching elementary students about environmental sustainability. Keywords that might find your article would be: environmental sustainability and elementary education.
  • Next find a database from the list of databases at PSU that would index articles in your field.
  • Then choose a likely database and search in the database using the search terms that describe your article. In this example I used environmental sustainability and elementary education. Many database have a list of “Journals”, “Sources” or in this case “Publication” (circled in red below):


  • Click on the word “Publication” (or the equivalent word in the database you use). What you will get is a list of the journal titles that most often contains the keywords you searched.
  • Click on “show more” and you will see even more journals that would likely pubish an article such as yours.

Find More Journals

Here are some other helpful tools available through the library to help you find journals in your field.

Teaching Journals Directory Locate journals in the area of education. Limit by sub-disipline with filter at upper right.

Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory   Ulrich's can help you locate  journals published in the United States and internationally. Ulrich's iallows advanced searching by discipline, limits such as "peer reviewed" or "electronic", and includes links to journal websites where you will find submission guidelines.

Cabell's Directories  Cabells is another directory that you can search in to find likely periodicals. It only covers journals in the fields of education, business and economics. Once you are in the Cabells database choose the general discipline you are interested in (education, business, or economics). Then, on the next page, limit your selection to an even more focused subset of journals.

For the Contrarian

Sometimes you DON’T want to publish your article in a community where the topic has been being discussed! Maybe “the community”, i.e. “the journal”, has been fully or overexposed to your ideas already. Maybe you want to get the word out to a different part of your community or a different discipline altogether. So you’ll want to find journals that haven’t explored your ideas much.

For example your article topic may be fully discussed in professional journals in education, so in a sense the teachers using a method seem to be on-board with your ideas. Maybe you want to bring your great news to educational administrators too? If so you’d need to find journals that are read by administrators and not teachers – so look for indications in the journal titles that point to administrators reading them. You may have to visit the journal’s website to ferret out their audience, or ask your questions on an educational listserv.