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Senior Inquiry Research Guide: Search!

PSU Library Catalog Tutorial

Search for books, eBooks, videos, theses and dissertations, U.S. government information, archival materials, and articles at the PSU Library and Summit, a partnership of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest.

The PSU Library catalog tutorial provides information about its search features while you practice using the catalog.

Developing Your Search

This 4-minute video explains how to develop targeted database searches using AND, OR, and NOT.

Finding Articles with Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Premier is our largest full-text database, providing articles in just about every topic area. The database contains scholarly, professional and popular journal articles.

This tutorial on using Academic Search Premier will provide you with information about its search features while you are actually using the datbase.

Brainstorming Keywords from Your Topic

This 2-minute video explains how to turn your topic into keywords that you can use to search library databases.