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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Home

Table of Contents

This guide describes specific resources and search engines that uncover the information sources to support research on topics related to women, gender and sexuality studies.

Finding books and book chapters - Search engines for identifying specific books or finding books you don't know exist. 

Finding Articles - Search engines for identifying article on a topic an strategies for getting your hands on those articles.

Encyclopedias, Reference Sources  - Quick facts, overviews, background information and conceptual organization of a topic.

Primary Sources - Search engines and compilations of primary sources.  Primary sources are original materials on which other research is based. They are original materials from whatever time period is under study and they have not been filtered through interpretation or evaluation. 

Dissertations - Search engines for identifying dissertations and masters theses.

Women Studies Journals - 

Multimedia - Search engines and compilations of images, video and sound files.

Citing Sources and Citation Management - Guides for citation styles and tools for managing the resources you find and incorporating them into your writing.

Topics - These pages identify more  focused resources on their particular topics beyond the coverage that might be found in women, gender and sexuality studies databases and reference sources.

A term that's going to come up a lot

This guide will frequently make mention of 'citations'. A bibliographic citation contains basic information needed to specify and therefore be able to locate an item. There are different formats for citing books, journal articles, chapters in books, dissertations, pamphlets, videocassettes, and many other formats. The most frequent formats you'll run into using "Library" resources are books, journal articles and book chapters. 


In general, the publication information, including place of publication, publisher and year, identifies a book (or part of a book).


In general, the publication information, including volume number, date and page numbers, identifies a journal article.


Chapters of books can be identified by the presence of two titles, the title of the chapter and the title of the book. Two names may be listed as well -- the author of the chapter and the editor. The same publication information that appears in a book citation will also appear here: place of publication,publisher, and year.


Subject Guide

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