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Consumer Research: Articles & Reports

Market Research Reports

Market research reports are produced by many different organizations from commercial publishers to trade organizations. Since these reports have detailed and often original data and analysis as a result of both primary and secondary research, they are usually very $$, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars per report. PSU affiliates have free access to the reports in the following databases:

Google Scholar

Scholarly, Professional/Trade, or Popular/Consumer?

There are three main types of journals/magazines and each has its unique focus, coverage, look, and content. Some publications are better for certain types of topics. For example, scholarly journals are great for research on academic topics, but not good for current information such as market shares.

Scholarly journals - articles are written by scholars/researchers/professors in the field and reviewed by peers who are experts in the same area. In many databases, you can limit your search to "scholarly", "peer-reviewed", "academic", or "refereed" journals to weed out any non-scholarly content. Examples: Academy of Management Review, Journal of Marketing.

Professional/Trade journals - articles are written by experts in the field or by staff writers. These publications are intended for practitioners in a specific field. Information is often very current. The articles are only reviewed by editors for style, so they go through a less rigorous review process. The articles often do not contain reference lists. Examples: HR Magazine, Harvard Business Review.

Popular/consumer magazines - articles are written for a general audience rather than for professionals or scholars. Examples: Fortune, Forbes.

Consumer/media-related Databases

Searching for Articles

Most databases don't behave the same way as Google does. Sometimes entering a long string of keywords in one search box is telling the database to search them as a sentence, resulting in few or no hits. Break down your idea into multiple keywords, and combine them with AND. Below is a video tutorial on using Business Source Premier for articles:

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)

Websites on Lifestyles & Trends

Public Opinions