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Trial Databases

The following databases are being evaluated for possible subscription.
A collection of collection of 136 hours and 420 videos produced by Sage Publication for use in the education of counselors and therapists. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.
This collection of 400+ streaming videos aligned to the DSM-5® and ICD-10 content, from 2012 on, range from 30 seconds to 15 minutes and helps students better recognize mental health disorders and provide accurate diagnoses. The trial runs trough 19 May 2017.
A collection of 120 hours of video covering all branches of the Criminal Justice system. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.
An internationally diverse collection of 128 hours and over 500 videos offers academic viewpoints and real-life insights into practices directly applicable to Communication and Media Studies courses. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.
This collection includes 132 hours and 314 videos that reinforce political and international studies fundamentals and introduce new perspectives. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.
  • PSU Authentication Required
Provides a unique web-based chemistry database consisting of deeply excerpted compounds and related factual properties, reaction and synthesis information as well as bibliographic data, navigated and displayed via an actionable interface. Trial runs from 10 April 2017 through 9 May 2017.
Provides over 480 videos, including hours of tutorials, interviews, video case studies and mini-documentaries covering the entire research process. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.
Provides 120 hours of video and the Sociology Collection covers the full spectrum of the Sociology discipline. Our trial runs until 17 May 2017.